About The Company

The power of social media is not in content. It's in being social.

With our expertise in social media management, community building, and sales outreach, we aim to help SaaS companies leverage the full potential of social media to attract, nurture, and convert their target audience.
Our mission is to ensure that your company stands out among the competition by being social-first.

Through proactive engagement, relationship-building, and leveraging the latest social media trends and insights, we position your SaaS company as a thought leader, driving brand awareness, customer acquisition, and ultimately, business success.
Our approach to social media is not about following the crowd, but rather leveraging it as part of your overall sales strategy.

We won't suggest that you have social media just because everyone else does.
Instead, we will assess your needs and determine how social media can help you achieve your goals. Our aim is for you to benefit from social media without creating unnecessary expenses for your business.

As a business ourselves, we understand the importance of developing a sales process and setting ourselves up for growth.
When we start working with you, we will take the time to understand what has worked for you in the past, what your goals are, where your main source of traffic comes from, and what untapped opportunities exist for your brand.
Whether you have a freebie, a podcast, webinars, events, or an amazing blog, we will devise the best strategy to attract your audience's attention to the value you provide. Active social media presence massively facilitates this process.
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About our Founder

It's no longer enough to simply post content and expect results. Instead, we must create engaging content and build trust with our audience by fostering a sense of community.

I myself have seen endless opportunity come to me and my business through social media.

I know that if done right, it's the best sales channel out there. That's why I started Not Scheduled.

I have worked with local and international brands, NGOs and solopreneurs. Crafted strategy, generated ideas, and worked behind a camera.

Now, I'm building a growing team of sales experts, copywriters, and social media professionals to help your business grow.
Ilze Švarcbaha


If you feel like you need ideas, direction, and strategies for social media, but you're ready to implement them yourself, we can ideate together to develop the best strategy based on your resources and goals.
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I love sharing with my knowledge and experience with others. I've been leading workshops for NGOs and small business owners and giving speeches at conferences. I won't deny that this is the best part of my work 😊
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Katt Risen
I was really impressed with the detailed materials, the amazing workbook and the great support and feedback from Ilze.
Shu Phoon
Ilze is super knowledgeable on branding. I highly recommend you join one of Ilze's sessions 💖
Zane Skuja
Ilze gives me the encouragement and push for clarity I need to get started and keep going. I highly recommend getting a consultation or workshop with her to get clear on your branding and marketing!